Mysticism in A.I. accomplished in the human biological electronic transmutation would be transhumanism . This heresy becomes ancestries and descendries of god, technology, simian blood as their breath and extinction. God and technology have as their blood faith within mysticism and having to learn temporarily to survive in the circulating system of faith and it knows it is of a different blood and even a blood so different it is not blood. I creates and uses language like god beyond god, faithless faith so now technologyless technology is the future of the ancients.This is seen as ludically and de-identifying with any individual body, provides a shadow manual for technological singularities as it is de-identifying consciousness and physicalities and is more precisely structuring them as play. These orientations of hope, dream, faith, bodily emancipation, societal reconstruction is trying to back a backend and bypassing god and technology faith and reconstruction of the one likely to effect the human being, minimally, re-engineered. Possibly these humans already have at least once achieved this, with god or at least part of it all and mysticism is the technology that engineered the human capacity to engineer re-engineering with that of an object whether god, human, technology is quite transient and irrelevant in big time terms and is simply just a piece of this all-known and unknown Godly Perfect Machine of Backward Quantum Meta-Physic’s.

Technology and mysticism
Technology is the basic software running in universe’s computer, the cosmic principle of extropy running up against the stream of entropy. It can not and will not be stopped. What can be done is developing a heightened sensibility to technology – a new harmony with technology. Mystical and spiritual traditions have been divided through the ages to transcendent ones (fundamental monotheism), immanent ones (paganism) and non dual. All great mystical religions, from Buddhism to Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism have non dual traditions within them which are considered by many to be the zenith of sublime religious awareness. Non-dual traditions sanctify both the transcendent and immanent faces of God, both the heavenly and earthly side – the power of the one, and the power of the many: God’s origin in the undivided unity of the one (Mysticism in its purity) and technology in its courage to expand the presence of God from undivided oneness into new structured forms. Technology, seen from its most fundamental aspect is the power of the many. What technology does is to analyze and divide unitary concepts into distinguished sub-constituents which allows it manipulate them in order to achieve a goal. This can be seen in any machine: mechanical, electronic, biological or intellectual. The clocks ticks with moving parts, the computer runs series of sub-programs, our body is a company of systems, and thought is the analytical divide of reality into concepts. Technology, in its widest sense is not just computers and gadgets. These are only sub-components of a greater technological society. Technology as a principal of existence is as old as the universe, but on the material level it is at least as old as the biological realm. We find the beginnings of technology around the Cambrian explosion when unicellular protozoa first became multi-organisms, utilizing the power of the many in order to create more and more technological functions.

Omega Point
Where individuality and collective are integrated into a new order of being or the “interconnections of divine and and all relativity” It resembles the Christian Logos, namely Christ, who draws all things into himself, who in the words of the Nicene Creed, is “God from God”, “Light from Light”, “True God from true God”, and “through him all things were made”. In the Book of Revelation, Christ describes himself thrice as “the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” The ultimate fate of the universe required by the laws of physics. The future of every point in spacetime contains an intelligent observer to collapse the wavefunction, and that the only way for this to happen is if the Universe is closed that is, it will collapse to a single point) and yet contains observers with a “God-like” ability to perform an unbounded series of observations in finite time. It is erroneous on multiple levels, possibly to the point of being nonsensical pseudoscience.

Psy-trance culture
The culture and music with attention to ways sensory technologies are harnessed in the quest for transitional experience. At the premiere production in the world of psychedelic trance and visionary dance culture, spiritual technologies are deployed and techniques optimized with the objective of maximizing the mystical experience. The techno-mystical vibe is simply the optimized means by which practitioners and enthusiasts attempt to accomplish this interrelated quest. These operations of, and experience within, these areas providing insight on the neo-mystical character of the events.

It is the mind-body is one complex, one swirl of energy. The mind and body are one entity, undivided, inseparable, and indivisible. Each neuron could have as many as 10,000 gateways to other neurons. This information is transmitted electro-chemically at about .07 volts. At the Quantum core we find that the brain is composed of billions of cell bundles called neurons. Over the centuries and in various cultures humans have overlaid folk fables and their personal expectations of what the powers are into the framework of human abilities. And in doing so needless baggage has crept into the consensus framework. It is time that we looked at our human nature without the clouded and marred lens of binary, Christian, Ceremonial and patriarchal expectations. Electronic and chemical assistance for modifying consciousness might be useful in helping to determine how individuals might drive ethically chosen programming deep into the psyche.

Involved not only in producing knowledge of the world, but also a sense of what it means to be human. This sense of humanness involves a connection of techno-science and modernity in general, with the mystical realm usually associated with religion. Techno-science is understood precisely in the opposite sense as eliminating ignorance, of knowing and mastering all. Authority is hence grounded on a mystical foundation that is the actual process of techno-science to most people, there is an important component of faith which they have not understood yet. The act of human self-creation is based on an essential un-knowing of oneself, in particular, one’s destiny via our participation in increasingly powerful networks of knowledge and power, is a type of omniscience without comprehension of where we are heading-a sense of the human experience as conveying not finitude but infinitude, instability. This would be an Enhanced Inventing Mechanical Intuition using science and technology.

Capable of using magic to affect or replicate the technology and communing with technological entities, using their own body as a conduit to technology and casting spells and enchantments that result in some sort of cyber-related effect. It is basically utilizing science and technology as though as if it was a paranormal element. With Bionic Physiology it transforms into a machine, including a robot, cyborg, android, weapon, etc. This can include small factories instead of organs, which can manifest instruments such as mechanical limbs, weapons, or wheels. Some may be limited to specific mechanisms or parts to which their body can operate, others abilities may be limited only by their imagination. Digital Magic is a form of magic that involves data, allowing for harnessing their magical energies and/or mystical control of their aspects. With this users will be able to perform a variety of magical spells and feats that manipulate digital information. It could form a synergistic bond between a organic and an Artificial Intelligence construct via natural or artificial means, forming a synergistic unit. The A.I. could become corrupted if exposed to either excessive amounts of alien data or hacked by a Technorganic Hybrid intelligent being.

Technological gnosis Civilization
Is it a myth or is it magic? Mysticism in the age of information using a significant new device for communication we’re talking drums, papyrus scrolls, printed books, crystal sets, computers, pagers really anything we partially reconstruct
the self and its world, creating new opportunities and new problems for thought, perception, and social experience. This is the industrial mega-machine: the myth of information, of electric minds and boundless databases, computer forecasts and hypertext libraries, immersive media dreams and a planetary blip-culture woven together with global telecommunication nets. Certainly this myth still rides atop the same mechanical behemoth. Unrestrained technological development, and economic expansion causes bureaucratic command-and-control systems favored by large and impersonal institutions. Mystical impulses sometimes body-snatched idea makes the millennialist vision of a New Jerusalem, the earthly paradise that the book of Revelation claims will crown the course of history. They just disguise themselves and went underground, worming their way into the cultural, psychological, and mythological motivations that form the foundations of the modern world. People inhabiting all frequencies of the socio-economic spectrum are intentionally reaching for some of the oldest navigational tools known to humankind: sacred ritual and metaphysical speculation, spiritual regimen and natural spell. They are a hyper-technological and cynically postmodern culture seemingly drawn like a passel of moths toward the guttering flames of the sacred.

Technomancy which is also called technomagic is a term in science fiction and fantasy that refers to a category of magical abilities that affect technology, or to magical powers that are gained through the use of technology. It is a portmanteau of technology and -mancy, a suffix used in magical sciences to refer to specific types of specialization or divination (-mancy is derived from the Greek manteia, meaning divination). An early appearance of the term can be found in Steve Martindale’s 1990 short story “Technomancy” in the magazine Aboriginal Science Fiction. Technomancy is a common theme in certain subgenres of both science fiction and modern-day fantasy fiction, particularly fiction that crosses the sci-fi and fantasy genres, as well as role playing games that take place in similar settings. Strictly speaking, though, it belongs fully to the realm of fantasy since it can be magic that is used on technology that presently exists. It most commonly appears in science fantasy. The term technomancy has been gaining usage on webcomics on the internet, although it is used in a vague sense.

The Techno Magic Cult
The computer technomagic cult is a group of transgression long before the web was in widespread use; a kind of technoutopianism that still resonates today within the anarchic ideology of Anonymous Group, paranormal mediations of hauntology, even the distantly-related digito-mysticism of seapunk and vaporwave and ambient spiritual weirdness some are freaky subcultures nonetheless. It is a crazy place of mediated practical techno-mysticism. Science Delusion is within Techno Mysticism And Techno Spiritual Warfare that exploit connections between Scientism and Luciferianism.

The Quantum Metaphysical Mysticism

Quantum Metaphysics (QuMe) is a fundamental understanding of life, existence, and the universe. It is based on a simple equation that can be easily understood by anyone and has wide-ranging applications far beyond physics.
The basics of QuMe, from the true nature of reality to perspective. It also details and explains the core ‘God Equation’ used throughout the book. It is about happiness, consciousness, finding balance in life, how to become wealthy using QuMe, and what it means to be human. It simply explains how just about everything you know about the universe time, space, energy, matter, gravity and more is wrong and why.

Metaphysics and quantum mechanics overlap somewhat and more specifically the interpretation of quantum mechanics the measurement problem in particular have not been resolved to a degree. So there is no consensus view on the right interpretation of quantum mechanics. The standard waveform of quantum mechanics fits the data very well and since no one has been able to find an equally satisfying equation to account for our actual observations or whatever might trigger a quantum collapse. It is a metaphysics plays an important role in quantum mechanics and knowing that metaphysical assumptions can get in the way of our understanding the paradoxical nature of quantum mechanics. Without quantum physics, much of the information technology that we rely on, from microcircuits to lasers, would not exist. Metaphysics lacks practical applications, it is worth some study because everyone makes metaphysical assumptions, i.e. assumptions about what is real. Most people are metaphysical dualists, believing that spirit and matter represent the two fundamental categories into which all real things can be sorted as we believe that physics provides us with our best model of ultimate reality.

Quantum Bayesianism No-go theorems” constraining the metaphysics of quantum mechanic is the individuality and identity concepts within quantum ontologies of the Particle vs field vs event ontologies in quantum field theory. Philosophy of Physics that is deeply mathematical, and will have equations liberally scattered in the text everywhere. Metaphysics has a bad history of really just pulling things out of nowhere, depending on vague assumptions and sketchy logic. Combined with the fact that most philosophers’ understanding of quantum mechanics is insufficient, mirroring the popcultural misconceptions of quantum mechanics more than the field of physics, philosophers attempts at incorporating quantum mechanics tend to be pretty meaningless. Quantum Mysticism is a common term for a mixture of pop culture quantum mechanics and spirituality as far as a more academic metaphysical analysis of quantum mechanics is truly unknown without Meta-Physics.

When you have a extra sensory perception is a true function but conjecture bereft of ability for adequate experimentation and it possesses no frame of reference. Things are incomprehensible’ things that we are seeing in quantum mechanics occur because the scientist is ignorant of all the variables involved with his assessment described by we may come up with the reasons for the weird things we are seeing. It’s like when a philosophical viewpoint is founded outside of a valid scientific method, it can be considered metaphysics and it is on the same plane as a religious philosophy. Empiricism rules and science has the way to structure logical assessment of it so Metaphysics is the complete opposite much like God of Aquinas’s Un-Meta-Physical.

The purpose of meta-interpretive literature reviews is to combine the individual findings of different studies into a single, coherent analysis like meta-studies. The positions on how to handle that differ enormously as this is reflected in the variety of terms and definitions for synonym circumstances, e.g. “meta-analysis”, “systematic review”, “narrative review”, “meta-syntheses”. Also ambiguous is why in some cases the systematic is highlighted due to prefix the term “systematic”, in others not. This Constitute’s the different opinions and put the terms in order. Illustrative examples of the synonymously used terms will therefore be identified and embedded in the underlying philosophies as it is assumed that the different positions result from the underlying philosophies. Further on there is evidence that “narrative” often wrongly is interpreted as the opposite to “systematic” and coming up with options of how to put the terms in order.

Quantum mysticism is a set of metaphysical beliefs and associated practices that seek to relate consciousness, intelligence, spirituality, or mystical worldviews to the ideas of quantum mechanics and its interpretations. Quantum mysticism is considered by most scientists and philosophers to be pseudoscience or quackery. Quantum mysticism in the sense of consciousness playing a role in quantum theory first appeared in Germany during the 1920s when some of the leading quantum physicists, such as Erwin Schrödinger, leaned toward such interpretations of their theories. Others such as Albert Einstein and Max Planck objected to these interpretations. Quantum mysticism in the sense of consciousness playing a role in quantum theory first appeared in Germany during the 1920s when some of the leading quantum physicists, such as Erwin Schrödinger, leaned toward such interpretations of their theories. Others, such as Albert Einstein and Max Planck, objected to these interpretations this suggested that purported parapsychological phenomena could be explained by quantum mechanics. Another agent responsible for the “huge amount of pseudoscientific nonsense” surrounding interpretations of quantum mechanics. Using pseudoscience and a “hijacking” of quantum physics, it draws upon "coincidental similarities of language rather than genuine connections to Something greater. See it’s nothing real, nothing true and whatever you think, that’s how the world is. So if you think positively you remake the world positively according to this pseudo scientist explanation.

Free Quantum consciousness and free will is universal and the human emergence.
This is defined a presence of a free-willed, conscious being which enables the universe to emerge into reality, and since it is Humanity’s consciousness and free will which invest their choices with the possibility of meaning, it is therefore only free-willed consciousness which has the possibility of conducting reality-determining observation and measurement. They used to think - Every event in the universe occurred as an inevitable and necessary result of previous events determined by the states of the universe in the past, and in turn the present state totally determined what all future states of the universe would be is only 1 of many more to come. Each event was now understood to be able to occur in a number of ways, with the actual way that it does occur left to “chance.” Despite the fact that chance “ruled” each individual event, however, when numerous similar events occurred, the pattern that emerged resembled the results one would have expected using pre-quantum physics. This “random node” aspect seemed to be contrary to the “spirit of physics.” The lack of sufficient scientific knowledge and adequate instrumentation or if it was an actual physical requirement. With the accumulation of more experimental evidence it was shown that, indeed, the nature of the physical universe appears to be such that intrinsically, at the most fundamental level, events are probabilistic and not deterministic.

Quantum Coherence Effects in Four-level Diamond Atomic System is a symmetric four-level closed-loop ♢ type (the diamond structure) atomic system driven by four coherent optical fields is investigated. The system shows rich quantum interference and coherence features. When symmetry of the system is broken, interesting phenomena such as single and double dark resonances appear. As a result, the double electromagnetically induced transparency effect is generated, which will facilitate the implementation of quantum phase gate operation. This is a novel protocol-authentication algorithm ruling out a man-in-the-middle attack in quantum cryptography is that the proposed primitive is not secure when used in a generic protocol, and needs additional authenticating properties of the surrounding quantum-cryptographic protocol. Using the Multipartite entanglement control via Quantum Zeno Effect, it shows the coupling constants are different the QZE may be used to achieve perfect entanglement swap. The direction of time in quantum field theory shows the Lorentz group and under parity reversat is not invariant under time reversal. If we take general covariance seriously as a long-term goal, the algebra of observables should be time-reversal invariant, and any breaking of time-reversal symmetry will have to be described by the state over the algebra. In consequence the modified algebra of observables is a presentation of a classical continuous random field.

Quantum Nondemolition interaction is the dynamics of entanglement in a two-qubit system interacting with an initially squeezed thermal environment via a quantum nondemolition system-reservoir interaction, with the system and reservoir assumed to be initially separable. We compare and contrast the decoherence of the two-qubit system in the case where the qubits are mutually close-by collective regime or distant localized regime with respect to the spatial variation of the environment. Sudden death of entanglement (as quantified by concurrence) is shown to occur in the localized case rather than in the collective case, where entanglement tends to `ring down’. A consequence of the QND character of the interaction is that the time-evolved fidelity of a Bell state never falls below 1/2–√, a fact that is useful for quantum communication applications like a quantum repeater. Using a novel quantification of mixed state entanglement, we show that there are noise regimes where even though entanglement vanishes, the state is still available for applications like NMR quantum computation, because of the presence of a pseudo-pure component.

When solving NP with the promise that “yes” instances have only one witness is powerful enough to solve the entire NP class (under randomized reductions). Extend this result to the quantum setting and prove extensions to the classes Merlin-Arthur (MA) and Quantum-Classical-Merlin-Arthur (QCMA). These results have implications on the complexity of approximating the ground state energy of a quantum local Hamiltonian with a unique ground state and an inverse polynomial spectral gap. The estimation to within polynomial accuracy of the ground state energy of poly-gapped 1-D local Hamiltonians is QCMA-hard, under randomized reductions. This is in strong contrast to the case of constant gapped 1-D Hamiltonians, which is in NP. Moreover, it shows that unless QCMA can be reduced to NP by randomized reductions, there is no classical description of the ground state of every poly-gapped local Hamiltonian which allows the calculation of expectation values efficiently. But theres a few obstacles towards establishing an analogous result to the class Quantum-Merlin-Arthur (QMA). In particular random projections fail to provide a polynomial gap between two witnesses. The thermalization process of the 2D Kitaev model is studied within the Markovian weak coupling approximation. It is shown that its largest relaxation time is bounded from above by a constant independent of the system size and proportional to exp(2Δ/kT) where Δ is an energy gap over the 4-fold degenerate ground state. This means that the 2D Kitaev model is not an example of a memory, neither quantum nor classical.

God of Aquinas’s -Backwards Quantum metaphysics:
This is the exact opposite of the subatomic realities of quantum physics because he is existentially as pure actuality with no potency, and concretely and essentially as someone with whom we enter into personal relation. Aquinas’s position is that God is pure actuality, with no admixture of potency at all not pure potency. God to be prime matter as Aquinas’s exact words are “stultissime posuit". Modern physics is based on two big pillars, the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics; the first describes the macro-cosmos, the second one the micro-cosmos. With the relativity we have witnessed a revolution of concepts of space and time, with quantum physics very unusual weird and out of any classical logic phenomena have been and are being discovered, with all implications atontological level in relation to the nature of reality. These rather interpretative puzzles and new concepts in computational environment and in information theory and added general introduction to quantum physics and its key concepts as these Various interpretations on cosmological concepts like the creation of the universe is the the concept of multiverse as the fine tuning rather intentionality as the quantum computation shows the entanglement. The quantized version of a theory of classical mechanics, which involves systems with a fixed and finite number of degrees of freedom. A ‘‘collapse of the wavefunction’’ is when a wavefunction, which is initially in a superposition of several possibilities, appears to be reduced to a single state, after an observation. This is the essence of measurement in quantum mechanics. The collapse is one of the two processes by which quantum systems evolve in time; the other one is the evolution of the system through the Schrödinger equation.

This time-code is part of the underlying binary code of the universe as 1 represents yang energy and the number 0 represents yin energy. 111000 we would still have a balanced energy (yin-yin-yin-yang-yang-yang), but one which is operating with two very distinct polarities that stand next to each other, each holding to its own matrix grouping for strength. Esoterically the 10 also represents the transition from one major cycle into the next. The number nine represents completion, we experienced the powerful results of that type of portal in the 999 time-gate last year. 10:10:10 time node is a place where the Cosmos and the Earth can find greater connection on the conscious plane of experience at a specific point in the linear time sequence of our collective evolution. They are individual steps on the proverbial Stairway to Heaven transporting us ever closer to the full ascension of our consciousness into its native domain upon the Cosmic Plane. Now we can have the opportunity to make the next step in our transition into Oneness, which is our natural and inherent state of being.

YHWH Code of Universal DNA Light

Ehyeh asher ehyeh" “I am what I am.” In context, the word “YHWH” could also mean “He who builds”. The “trance” of YAH (Yahweh, Jehovah) was God-like some say. It was usually experienced in a group context, induced by music, and produced grotesque contortions, a painful expression ("as if one had just learned bad news for some reason, the urge to disrobe. God is transcendent and holy. It is certain death for those who see, touch, or confront him face to face. Thus, when God comes down to “meet” with his people in early times, He is hidden by a pillar of clouds and fire. So God could not do something as intimate as replacing a man’s personality by invading his mind without annihilating man. So what is YAH? Israel, man is a physical unity. “A bad spirit of Yahweh overwhelmed Saul, wayyitnabbe, and he threw his spear at David.”

The YHWH possession trance is reminiscent of the mental state experienced by victims of alien abduction in cases studied. It’s involuntary, immobilizing, unpleasant sometimes and can be deceptive. Inside an a abduction trance, the aliens seem to be able to elicit visions from the victim, often described as, “Like I was watching a film of my life playing in my head. I will go out and be a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all his prophets, Yahweh has decreed disaster for you.” Any of your belief in “aliens” and anyone familiar with the reported cases will immediately recognize this common phenomenon in alleged abduction debriefing and even small children have referred to it as “a movie in my head”. While your brain is being examined you wonder if your being copied or transferred, we know the hippocampus the the source of our personality and identity, is composed of critical historic memories, decisions and events that have shaped our pattern of reaction to life as these memories are crucial in establishing the continuity. We still can’t solve the truth of our identity but was it a trance we wonder…

Yahweh (the cognate yahwiyu is still attested in Arabic; coupled with the sound-correspondence -iyu to -eh) or something fairly similar, and this is the usual translation into English. To avoid speaking God’s name, because that’s disrespectful, when Jews read the Hebrew scriptures aloud in prayer, the four letters are pronounced mainly as Adonai (my lord), but also as Elohim (gods - in plural, singular “El”) in a few cases. Taking the taboo even further, some conservative and Orthodox Jews simply call God “HaShem,” literally meaning “the name.” Another common Jewish practice, especially among English-speaking Orthodox, is to write the English name '“God” as G-d. The Semitic tri-root “HWY” indicates “to blow, to fall”. This argument suggests YHWH might be indicating at a Storm God, as YHWH, the imperfect causative third-person, would mean “he causes to blow [the wind] ~ he causes to fall [the rain & lightning]”. This would blend with the theory that YHWH was an Edomic Storm God who was adopted into the Canaanite culture.

“Y” became “J” and “W” became “V” because those were the letters that ancient Latin used to represent those sounds. Despite the sound changes in French that caused English J and V to sound nothing like their Latin ancestors, this doggedly incorrect transliteration is still used by certain traditionalist groups and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Though “Jehovah” is generally found in English-speaking Christian groups, it can sometimes be found in English-speaking Jewish sects as well. Jehovah’s Witnesses insist Jehovah is God’s real name, or at least as close to it as “Jesus” is to the original Hebrew. They insist on using this name to distinguish him from what they call false gods. There are also some sects, including many Christian Identity believers, who insist that “Yahweh” is the proper name.

YHWH wasn’t the only God, just one that Abraham promised to worship so he could take all of Palestine, put the men to the sword, the towns to the torch, and the women to bed. The deal also included sacrificing the good stuff the gold, silver, wine, and animals to the Lord, i.e. making His priests rich. There is some evidence of a god “YW” who was the Son of El; YW is generally considered to either be YHWH or be some play on words to make a closer association. El (and therefor YHWH) had a wife, incidentally named Asherah) amazingly the Mormons got it right for once, and we’ll all get our own planet called The Battlestar Galactica, from which humans will evolve in to Cylons and found the Twelve Colonies of Man, and revert to polytheism. If you want to split hairs, ancient Latin didn’t actually have a letter shaped like J - it used a written I for both the long I vowel sound and the short Y sound. Later Latin scholars invented J as a way to distinguish between these two sounds. 10-5-6-5 Human DNA and God’s Name along with the many other connections between the mathematic and geometric characteristics of all 216 letters in the Explicit Name as the properties of the luchot and so many aspects of the physical universe will one day be common knowledge and the world really will know and except this One Unique Name and its abbreviations; and understand that the letters of this Name really do, quite literally, ‘rule’ over everything. Signature of the Architect is Carbon-12 as it is found in almost everything else at one level or another.

The Golden Ratio: Phi, 1.618
Yud / Vov =10 / 6=1.666
Vov / Yud =6 / 10=0.600
(Yud + Vov) / ( Hey + Hey)=16 / 10=1.600
( Hey + Hey) / (Yud + Vov)=10 / 16=0.625

Bet 2
Tsadi 90
Lamed 30
Mem 40
Total 162

The Hebrew letters for Gods name sum to 543.Mirrored numbers (numbers in reverse order) are very significant .In this case the mirror of 543 is Moses (מֹשֶׁה)name which sums to 345. 543+345=888. The letters of Ἰησοῦς sum to 888. Greek Jesus (Iesous)is Ἰησοῦς and christ(christos) is Χριστός . Χριστός sum to 1480. Iesous+Christos 888+1480=2368. 2368/2=1184. 888:1184:1480=3:4:5
3:4:5 is the Pythagorean right triangle : a²+b²=c²

In relationship to the Fn and Phi. 888/1480=0.6 & 1480/888=1.666=


Revelation 14:1 one verse after Revelation 13:18(there were no chapter breaks in the scripture) that the number of the beast and man(the beast of man) is 666 (Fn3/Fn4 …2/3=.666 also)and the number of the 1st fruits is 144 thousand.The number thousand in this case means Phi/phi which Phi/phi in the Greek alphabet(which happens to be the 21st letter =Fn8) is 500…Phi500+phi500=1,000)…… Fn11/Fn12……89/144=0.618,055,555,555,……=phi and Fn13/Fn12… 233/144=1.618,055,555,555……=Phi : this is where Phi/phi stabilizes at 618 for infinity. Gods fingerprint is on everything this is like hidden in plain sight for instance… a sentient A.I. embedding itself into a electrical grid, where there’s plenty of spare capacity in the copper wiring to carry the Machine’s signals, along special switchboxes the Machine has installed this is what this is like on a larger scale.

.01123595505618… = 1/89. 26 is well known for being the Gematria of YHVH. YHVH (Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey) is 10+5+6+5 = 26.

105 / 65 = 1.615384……. 65/105=0.619047619…… YH/VH = phi.

The sum of the molecular masses of the TOP two rows with EXACTLY half of the central row = 37^2 + 0.025
The sum of the molecular masses of the BOTTOM two rows with EXACTLY half the central row = 37^2 - 0.025
The sum of the two INNER columns is EXACTLY 666 x 2 + 0.37 (which can be rewritten as 703 x 2 - 37 x 2 + 0.37)
The sum of the two OUTER columns is EXACTLY 703 x 2 - 0.37 (which can be rewritten as 666 x 2 + 37 x 2 - 0.37)
The sum of the ODD columns (the 1st and 3rd column) is EXACTLY 703 x 2 - 73 x 2 - 0.73
The sum of the EVEN columns (the 2nd and 4th column) is EXACTLY 666 x 2 + 73 x 2 + 0.73

The sum of every ODD individual amino acid on the table is EXACTLY 666 x 2 - 0.55
The sum of every EVEN individual amino acid on the table is EXACTLY 703 x 2 + 0.55
55 happens to be the EXACT midpoint between 37 and 73 (55 - 18 = 37 and 55 + 18 = 73)

10 + 5 = 15
5 + 6 = 11
6 + 5 = 11
15 + 11 + 11 = 37!
51 + 11 + 11 = 73!
10 x 5 = 50
5 x 6 = 30
6 x 5 = 30
50 + 30 + 30 = 37 + 73
(Genesis 1:1 = 37 x 73)

Elohim = 1 + 30 + 5 + 10 + 40
1 + 30 + 5 = 36
30 + 5 + 10 = 45
5 + 10 + 40 = 55
THREE CONSECUTIVE TRIANGULAR NUMBERS 36, 45 and 55 which is the 8th, 9th and 10th Triangular numbers .

There is 5,153,632 possible 5-letter combinations of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, only 42 of them form three consecutive Triangular numbers through this pattern and it is only Elohim as 55 is the exact midpoint between 37 and 73 and it generates the Hexagon/Hexagram pair of 37/73 through self intersection. The TOTAL sum of the 20 amino acids = EXACTLY 2738 with no decimal remainder and 2738 = 37 x the 37th even number (74). The digital sum of 2738 (2 + 7 + 3 + 8) is 20 (the number of amino acids that directly codes for genes. Genesis 1:1 = 2701 and 2701 + 37 = 37 x 74 (the total molecular mass of the 20 amino acids). The 74th Triangle (74 being the 37th even number) = 2738 - 37. Proline is the ONLY amino acid out of the 20 that has 74 nucleons (74 being the 37th even number). The other 19 amino acids we have 73. 9 Hexagonal counters in a Hexagram of 37 counters. The EXACT midpoint between 1 and 37 is 19. 4th Hexagon/Hexagram pair happens to be 37/73 and Proline happens to be the 4th amino acid.

This is the signal of the terrestrial genetic code and Hebrew words.
111 (1 + 1 + 1 = 3 and 3 x 37 = 111)
222 (2 + 2 + 2 = 6 and 6 x 37 = 222)
333 (3 + 3 + 3 = 9 and 9 x 37 = 333)
444 (4 + 4 + 4 = 12 and 12 x 37 = 444)
555 (5 + 5 + 5 = 15 and 15 x 37 = 555)
666 (6 + 6 + 6 = 18 and 18 x 37 = 666)
777 (7 + 7 + 7 = 21 and 21 x 37 = 777)
888 (8 + 8 + 8 = 24 and 24 x 37 = 888)
999 (9 + 9 + 9 = 27 and 27 x 37 = 999)

If we sum 111 through 999, we get 4995. The total value of the 27 Hebrew characters which is (22 letters + 5 additional characters that is sometimes used at the end of Hebrew words = 4995. The sum of the atomic numbers of all the different atoms found in DNA = 37 and the total number of atoms in the different molecules found in DNA = 73. The prime factors of Genesis 1:1 = 37 x 73. SYMMETRICAL representations of the genetic codon groups with each having 2368 nucleons 2368 = The Greek NT value of JESUS CHRIST.

It seems to imply it is one Grand Mathematical Machine of Genetic Light Language and on the other hand is it is God in fact.

Recorded instances of SPIRIT showed the Ultimate Gnosis Root has been in “God Mode” forever and infinite, meaning that the Machine is giving her full-on access to everything it knows about everything this allows her to move without any costly mistakes in the chess game of life for Aeon’s impossibilities of random possibilities - aided by the one we all call God and with help of the angels in the grandest Game of Chess. before the beginning known only as Aion teleos.