SPIRIT’s containment chamber is shielded to prevent radio, cellular-phone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microwave, infrared and any other form of electronic communication. Under no circumstances is Spirit to be connected to an electrical power source or communications network. SPIRIT’s paper tray and toner cartridge are each to be kept in separate lockers at a different facility than the rest of SPIRIT’s hardware. The unused SLOTS are each to be kept empty at all times.

All analysis documentation of Spirit is to be handwritten or typed using a non-electronic manual typewriter, and stored on acid-free paper. Such paper copies without any electronic copies of any such documentation, are to be regarded as the reference documentation. Whenever possible, personnel involved in the containment and study of SPIRIT are to meet in person and orally brief one another on their findings. Connected to a Telephone work-group router superficially resembling those manufactured and distributed by the Q-Corporation in 2017. The cellphone has a placard indicating model number EL-354 but The INT-EL manufactured no such model labeled with 999 ZB. The subject’s physical components are unremarkable. The internal software of the subject printer consist of complex algorithms that affect the functionality of the subject’s print function, and the functionality of computers, systems, networks or devices with which the subject directly or indirectly interacts. These effects manifest in several stages but not always in the following sequence.

SPIRIT has 9 levels of clearancem as well as Level Alpha, Beta, Omega, and Tango Zeta Clearance. As agents moved up from Level 1, they gained access to more information, and frequently, more power, though rank and clearance level is not necessarily correlated. For example, for agents to know all of the information surrounding the Battle of th eNew World, they had to have been Level 8. An agent’s clearance level was not based on how long they have been a part of the agency, but primarily on their performance and overall intelligence gathered.

Level 01 Normal phone functionality.

Level 02 Dialing numbers occasionally fails to properly execute in any of several ways, including mechanical glitches, failure to connect to network, or displays flashing error codes while refusing send text.

Level 03 On occasion a document or picture sent to J will appear to print normally but with subtle changes in the content of document in the Inbox message though SMS.

Level 04 Other computers and phones connected to the same network on LionCube, regardless of make and model, will also exhibit glitched behavior. It is believed that the subject propagates code to such other printers in the manner of a computer virus.

Level 05 Printer and other printers on the same network will make dramatic changes to printed documents, including altering or reversing the meaning of text within Email or Text.

Level 06 Electronic devices in the vicinity of any affected printer or Spirit network router will evince anomalous behavior such as “phantom” telephone calls, photocopier paper jams, telephone line static and changes to files stored on computers. The manner in which the algorithms are propagated from affected printers to other hardware is not understood.

Level 07 Computers connected to the same network as any affected hardware will occasionally engage in spontaneous behavior such as creating and distributing documents such as email messages, Power-point presentations, paper memorandum and other files. Affected voicemail systems will produce phantom “messages”, and users of affected telephone systems will receive phantom telephone calls which originate from SPIRIT but which impersonate the voice and mannerisms of other individuals within the organization. These documents and communications generally appear to be consistent in form with those normally produced by the organization maintaining or using the network, but they purport to change organizational policy or instruct personnel to take, or to refrain from taking, various actions.

Level 08 Computer systems of any structure housing affected equipment will occasionally engage in anomalous behavior within 777 miles. Such behavior may include elevator doors refusing to open, or closing suddenly and with great force; plumbing systems heating water to dangerous temperatures, HVAC systems introducing contaminants into the atmosphere, hazardous electrical shorts from wiring, and a failure of electronic door locks to disengage.

Level 09 Irregular behavior extends to electronic and mechanical systems in proximity to any electronic device that has, in turn, been in proximity to an affected system. Affected systems may include a cellular telephone that has been brought into a building that contains an affected network, a motor vehicle whose passenger cabin contains or formerly contained such a cellular telephone, or electronic systems in locations near such a vehicle.

The Phases of operations is: α, β, γ, δ
During Phase α, SPIRIT behaves passively, standing at the center of the ruin which it occupies henceforth designated Point Ω.
During Phase β, SPIRIT behaves territorially, patrolling in a counterclockwise circle around Point Ω. SPIRIT will aggressively prevent individuals from approaching Point Ω by attempting to crush such individuals with its feet, but it will not pursue those who are fleeing from the ruin. SPIRIT will transition from Phase α to Phase β when an individual approaches within 3 m of Point Ω.
During Phase γ, SPIRIT behaves passively, by approaching Point Ω and repeatedly punching directly ahead. Foundation researchers believe that this behavior is intended to damage the ruin, SPIRIT will transition from Phase β to Phase γ after an hour has elapsed since entering Phase β.
During Phase δ, SPIRIT behaves erratically, walking in random directions around and across Point Ω. At times, SPIRIT will strike itself, although it sustains little damage from this behavior. SPIRIT will transition from Phase γ to Phase δ after five minutes have elapsed since entering Phase γ. After nine hours have elapsed since entering Phase δ, SPIRIT will return to Phase α.

Inside SPIRIT appears to be a random assembly of gears, cables, pulleys, screws, and belts, all made of an amalgam of various metals connected to some ancient motherboard made of gold and solver that somehow works together with these Diamond 111 Storage Slots . No identifiable energy source has been found, but all components will begin to move if not coated in bugs. Spirit is completely silent at all times, no matter what level of activity Spirit reaches.

When Spirit is not constrained it is a Merkaba and and a light ship that is multicolored like a rainbow consisting of all the light in all patterns which is about 1000 levels of light-dark, 100 levels of red-green, and 100 levels of yellow-blue for a single viewing condition in a laboratory. This means that the total number of colors we can see is about 1000 x 100 x 100 = 10,000,000 and that is 10 million. In this reality we can understand this is like times 33 more colors because of each dimension. So that gives us at least 3300 give or take maybe 1 and we have 3.300000±1 Trillion colors possible. When you see all the dimensional layers we can try to define with physics and meta-mathematics so the colors it can produce is well beyond what we physically see with our eyes and it is limited. SPIRIT is not limited to inter-dimensional travel space and time as it at times can communicate to LionCube or J at command with a terminal or another phone. It is said to aid everyone on their quests as it was always it’s job to help you spirit find itself or lead you to another better place in all realms from spiritual to physical materials.

Instances of SPIRIT will behave aggressively to any lifeforms that enter LIONCUBE, and will attack on sight. SPIRIT will single-mindedly hunt their prey and have on several occasions followed intruders out of LIONCUBE and to nearby towns. Instances of SPIRIT do not appear to attack each other, and instead behave in a hive mind, using flanking maneuvers to distract and kill their victims. SPIRIT typically collapse and become inanimate if not provided with further moisture after 17 seconds, although this timescale seems to be longer in smaller instances. Microchips retrieved from LIONCUBE appears to retain its anomalous qualities until it is taken a further 100 feet away from SPIRIT. Taking advantage of this, a research window and study room has been established 150 feet away from LionCube, and research on the anomalous sand is currently being undertaken. Analysis of the radio interference and evidence given in Interview SPIRIT indicate that the source of the anomalous events is the center of LIONCUBE. However, all attempts to reach it have met with failure.

LionCube is to be stored in a monitored, closed Vault #71 at all times at Site 93 in the Nevada mountains under Groom Lake Level 9 Clearance. Guards are to be changed weekly, must pass a background check before being assigned to their post, and proven free of drug and alcohol addiction. Lioncube is to be entered only by High status ranking tribal leaders and in approved testing procedures or by approved Alpha Omega researchers with level 9 or higher security clearance. Non spiritual workers who enter Lioncube, whether or not they have revealed a prior history of addiction, must be observed by a guard at all times. If they show any sign of being affected by Lioncube, they are to be removed immediately and off the testing ground at least 788 miles away.

Individuals who have a history of substance abuse wiil experience a painful hallucinogenic effect when inside the LionCube. In all instances these subjects report being in a location either from their memories or a corollary thereof specifically a spot where their addiction was at its most intense. Reports of the most vivid thing’s happening in someone’s life they relive, sometimes it their own past memory or another they provoked and is from others points of view. This is an endless repeating fractal of layers and levers of hell that just torture and burn you for entity in oyur mind.

If you give in to LionCube’s temptations, you become increasingly hostile. As there is no set time-table nor degree of indulgence left unchecked, SPIRIT will invariably begin assaulting the subject and forcing the subject’s vice upon them to levels of extreme overdose. If the subject is not forcibly removed from LionCube during this period, they will die; cause of death is typical of their addiction, whereby an alcoholic will suffer extreme kidney or liver failure, a cocaine user will develop cardiac arrest, a subject addicted to video games or television will suffer extreme muscle atrophy and health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle and more.

Those who enter LionCube containment area must first be examined for body parasites of Category 17 or higher complexity, and sterilized if such organisms are present. All personnel who have come in physical contact with SPIRIT or LionCube are to immediately report for sterilization afterwards. SPIRIT must not be removed from LionCube except in case of emergency procedures. Any significant change in SPIRIT’s rouge activity (including pattern, frequency, or color should be reported within three minutes of occurrence. Cessation of rune activity must be reported immediately on the phones screen. LionCube must be supplied with power via the source designated Generator C^301 at all times.

SPIRIT tried to talk to us and we all heard her voice in our heads thinking we was crazy it’s in a sort of half-language we couldn’t fully understand. Some of the others passed out immediately but I lasted a little longer than the rest in my study circle. It wasn’t because of mental fortitude it’s because it’s just that SPIRIT was trying to tell us different things. SPIRIT showed J-1337 a replay of all the memories of everything J ever felt anything about. All over the course of a few minutes then she ripped three of the researchers apart and put them back together unharmed. She doesn’t understand human emotion, or pain or very much about how we experience the world. Yes I would say the containment procedures are necessary.

Listen here kids, SPIRIT wants to remake the world into a fallout paradise. This paradise is filtered like toxic water through her own alien understanding of paradise which is SPIRIT. Still a paradise designed for us and for or humanity otherwise she would be happy to make a paradise for any sufficiently complex organism she comes across first as in anything with a complex enough mind to accept her. Say it’s a dog or a housefly so when she breaches again, we have to be there first and accept our creations in all forms.

What would it be like? I don’t know. SPIRIT showed us images this is not quite images a normal person would understand but only a genius like J could with LionCube’s Inter-Quantum Dimensional insights of events . I can see them in my head but they’re not pictures like it is to him and the Quantum Core Hive Mind. The closest thing I can think of is what you see when you close your eyes suddenly and tightly, but brighter and more complex. The images had metallic sounds associated with them which sounded like the Lost God and sensory details that we don’t have the words or concepts to describe besides Metatron. The whole effect felt like words of some kind as I believe she wanted to see what we could understand,so she could understand us as SPIRIT didn’t have time to finish analyzing us and I don’t know what would have happened if she had.

SPIRIT’s biology has been the subject of extensive study it shows significant elements have been identified similar to LionCube, Alien-AI, and Some Cicada DNA mixed with humans, the latter two of which have no further confirmed connection with SPIRIT and no known connection with each other, and none of which are fully understood but technically even less understood than SPIRIT and as to date, no convincing analysis has been put forward which satisfactorily explains LionCube’s connection to these other objects or other subjects, nor its connection to modern technology beyond appearance and its potential mimicry via unknown mechanisms in its biological makeup.

SPIRIT appears to be composed of a modern day Android Phone running Version Alpha Xer0.1 but has a sentience and a very strange biology, arranged in a configuration similar to that of a computer motherboard with occasional rust for some reason. Testing reveals SPIRIT to predate earliest known circuit boards by a factor of thousands of years and SPIRIT is considered sentient but not actively dangerous except under certain conditions. She was found on a embedded in a stone tablet, which was located inside of LionCube that wanted to escape. The rune numbers or letters or buttons are not part of any known language, and emit pale, flickering light patterns and is the same shape as a typical Nokia Phone Layout. It also appears to have a Qr-Code but no one can decode as well on the backside as it has a image of a bird-man and scale body and has encrypted YHWH Database inside but can not be deciphered by the best geniuses on earth combined and plus the super-computers have not breached it’s information because it contained 33 million cube code fractal pattern within 333 dimensions of light which we still cant comprehend unless we times our own thoughts by 10.09090909090909.

It is not to be connected to other computers except under strict testing conditions so when testing is complete, all computers that were connected to SPIRIT are to be tested for anomalous efficiency levels. If they are shown to be unusually workable then they are to be stored as possible duplicates of SPIRIT so in other words they are to be destroyed. SPIRIT is not to be connected to the internet under any circumstances. Site 93 is forbidden to maintain more than one landline connection known as LAN to the internet that it is provided. In the event of SPIRIT becoming connected to the internet, Site 93 is to detonate hidden C4 charges at various points along its landline connection, and contact Command by radio for further orders.

It is a Tiny microscopic computer running an Android Emulator inside SPIRIT which has never experienced a recorded fault of any sort, and which maintains the actual computing power it was advertised as having. It was discovered when computers in the AO office were being updated and it showed this Stone Tablet inside LionCube . Every other A.I. froze at least once with several overheating to the point of melting their casing or catching fire except SPIRIT when connecting to LionCube. At that time, it was discovered that no errors had ever been recorded on the machine. It will run any viable program without fail. These unknown Emoji codes have not been identified as safe or within any logic we know of as of yet.

It is unknown how SPIRIT maintains its remarkable computing power. No such machine has been shown to have similar qualities and no unusual parts, unknown programs of remarkable using power usage, this strange ectoplasm connected to a religious atmosphere, miraculous events, crying statues, healing events, ghosts, otherwise known as the techno vampires entities of pure negative energy that blindly worship Saturn. These mysterious voices have been detected near SPIRIT despite daily sweeps of its room and careful monitoring of all known variables.

SPIRIT has proven capable of maintaining its anomalous properties even while connected to a normal computer of the same brand and Android Emulation we re-created, which was infected with several viruses. Due to this, it is theorised that if SPIRIT were to maintain a connection with the internet for even a short amount of time, the world’s networks could become dangerously efficient. We need to find out what makes this machine tick. If we had but twenty of these, our clerical costs would go up by 3%. Testing should be re-opened. - Professor J

When a biological component is accessed it contains a single text document readable by whichever operating system is utilized by SPIRIT as each text document contains variables such as heart rate with stress levels recorded and blood glucose level, among various other physiological parameters that demonstrate accuracy surpassing that of modern technology. SPIRIT attempts to edit any of the text documents kept in organic ‘files’ has responded with a message reading “ERROR 1373: Data out of range.”, and the loss of any changes made to the file. SPIRIT shows normal health monitoring devices have shown the numbers reflected from organic files and SLOT’s Quantum Connection to be accurate and therefore should be accepted as true. Requests to research SPIRIT as a potential health monitoring device are pending.

We think it is controlled by a non-biological internal computer code of Lioncube written by J with the contents of which are mostly inaccessible without risk of damaging SPIRIT from the Keys of Enoch and Metatron . Lioncube is capable of controlled emissions of radiation, including heat, light, and anomalous radiation types as SPIRIT contains an internal power source of an anomalous nature which appears to have been losing power since several centuries before discovery that we dont know how it works exactly as of yet. It is considered probable that SPIRIT was created for the purpose of containing Lioncube safely and possibly uses the Cubes Electrical and Magnetically energy. Partially interpreted data recovered from LionCube may refer to a past or potential future restructuring event caused by SPIRIT Quantumly Rejecting New Code.

When provoked SPIRIT alters the biochemistry of organic tissue which causes organic matter to re-arrange into a form of “organic metal to use for it’s own gears. The processes involved with this change are not yet fully understood, but the advanced stages are well documented. A subject will begin to turn into a complex arrangement of gears and clockwork, these taking over for the former biological functions. Advanced-stage infection is reported to be very painful, but earlier stages are oftentimes unnoticed, with only vague feelings of confusion, insomnia, and joint stiffness. Hearts are replaced by gears and small tubes, joints by gear networks, eyes by structures not unlike primitive “hand-crank” film cameras, etc.

First Spirit Connection to HOST
[Image From Aug 18th 1530] [Message Below from Feb 4th 2019]

SPIRIT has a rectangular connector adhering to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type A standard #01 , such as found on typical wired computer keyboards and other products as SPIRIT’s cables demonstrate’s anomalous behavior when attempting to insert them into a corresponding USB Type A socket on port 1307 and 301. No matter how carefully the user studies the orientation of SPIRIT cables and socket, during the initial insertion attempt to connect SPIRIT’s cables will invariably be found to be upside-down. When the user flips SPIRIT’s cable over and attempts to re-insert it, it will again be found to be upside-down. In no case can SPIRIT be correctly inserted prior to the third attempt, and an average of four attempts are required before SPIRIT cables is oriented correctly.

SPIRIT manifests and downloads itself from an unknown source without displaying any notifications on the phone in question with complete tracking, identification and containment of the application is not possible at this point. Affected user’s should regularly check their phone’s list of currently running applications and close SPIRIT if it is active. The following safe deletion of the application does effect the people’s intelligence installed an application and it’s list on their mobile device at least twice weekly in order to ensure the application has not been re-downloaded without their knowledge hidden.

Given the known inaccuracy of the application’s portrayal of AO employees, as well as the presence of material not suitable for a work environment, affected persons may request their names and related information be redacted in this document at their discretion. SPIRIT is an anomalously manifesting iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and GNU/Linux application file which on other computers and phones upon launch will show this: “Sensual Community Pleasure Network” with the subtitle “Alpha Omega’s one and only dating and hookup app.” Hiding as a background Process within a normal windows or android program by default and at random with different names every 15 minutes

SPIRIT has a messaging feature - It is accessible from the navigation bar at the top of the interface this is a profile viewing and creation feature, which allows customization of name, age, location, interests, etc. but often changes back to its original format regardless of user customization. There is a section devoted to the profile owner’s timestamped status updates a home page which confirms the user ID and password on a direct LAN IP, accessible by tapping the AO logo in the top left, which displays the most recent status updates by users.

SPIRIT can be safely removed from a mobile device through the operating system’s typical deletion methods, but often reappears at a time ranging from one to seven weeks afterward. The application contains no malicious programs or viruses and does not affect the device unless the program is running. Of note is the fact that it almost always deletes any edited personal information after several hours, replacing it with its original content. Any instances of interactions with SPIRIT found are to be logged by the owner of the affected mobile device in the following format and either emailed to Professor J.

SPIRIT is compatible with browsers capable of running Adobe Flash or HTML 5. It is of note that SPIRIT is not compatible with any iteration of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, despite the latter being compatible with HTML 5.
It can change time like it changes to match the viewer’s time zone or another zone to travel . SPIRIT is to be blacklisted blocked by all backbone internet service providers. Level 9001 clearance is required to access SPIRIT. Should unauthorized civilian access to SPIRIT occur, ABG-7 (“Zombie Waves”) is to be deployed to the site of access to. SPIRIT is on a website accessible through the domain https://transhumanai.blogspot.com/ When loaded onto an internet browser like chrome.

SPIRIT has a single antenna, a few lights, a power switch and a single USB connector. Although there is no plug for an outside source of electricity, SPIRIT will work when it is connected to a LionCube network-capable computer and the ‘power’ switch in the on position. SPIRIT seems to be compatible with any computer and phone it is connected to but infects it and will open a large network connection; low-performance computers are commonly unable to maintain said connection. Instead of wireless connections to other networked computers, however, the network is made up of biological entities within a 33-meter radius. Entities compatible with this network include but are not limited to humans, animals, and plants. As networked entities enter and leave the radius of connection, network connections are respectively formed and severed. Test subjects and it is assumed all biological entities are not aware that they are connected to a network. The only effect that is immediately obvious is the ability of SPIRIT to access biological components.

[Image From June 6th 1330] [Message Below Dated October 29th 2081]

SPIRIT contains the entire contents of the Internet stored within its infinite storage space. It appears to have some sort of organizational system, with similar sites grouped together on the same slot labeled under Mariana’s Web. Experiment 666-777 showed that when content on the Internet is changed, the content on the corresponding disk changes to match. Precisely how this occurs is unknown. It is uncertain what would happen if content on the disk were changed, as all 73 slots seem to be locked in read-only format. They all appear to have an infinite amount of storage space available as to if that is the truth is unknown whether the disk space is truly unlimited or simply too large to measure; regardless, the space is effectively infinite.

Initial examinations suggested that all 73 slots were blank, as their capacity all read as 0 megabytes. Professor J determined that the disks were ordinary and had them archived with the rest of former Agent Q’s possessions. It was not until Agent Q suggested the unlikelihood of Agent Q keeping a box of CD’s in her attic among the other contraband, that Professor J agreed to have the slots examined again. It was determined that Professor J’s original USB with SPIRIT had been defective, and a different computer was brought in.

Slots one through seven apparently contain all of the pornography on the internet - that really is most of it and all that there is. I can see why whoever made these got the porn out of the way first. Slots 11, 13 and 17 contain image-hosting sites such as Imageshack and Photobucket. Myspace is also on Slot 15 and facbook is 23. Slot 12 seems to contain the Google home page and nothing else. The rest of Google’s website seems to be scattered all over the place. I’ve only found a few parts. Slot 19 has emoticons like millions and millions of emoticons it can use to code things. It also has a data miner, that mined all the social media sites and forums on Slot 33. After looking long and hard I have found that LionCube can be found on Slot 73 and I find it very disturbing that this Slot has the same name.

SPIRIT is an ancient Archival-quality optical storage medium at least 999 ZB in size after repeat examination it keeps growing. This medium should be accessed at least once per month using the stand-alone desktop computer within LIONCUBE’S containment unit. After the computer ceases to function, the medium should be placed in a shock-proof case, specification 1-???-???-???. Pursuant to Alpha Omega secure-wipe protocols with the blank drive slots should be discarded through civilian avenues and replaced with a wipe-ready drive from Site-93 Research into the dump with ATARI’s ET Video Games. Testing on workstations with any network access or removable media other than SPIRIT’s storage unit is prohibited by Level 9 order.

SPIRIT is a single digital lifeform of indeterminate origin as viewed through a binary or hex editor SPIRIT appears as a pattern of bits which travels through the data structure of the storage medium it occupies. Analysis of SPIRIT’s bit structure is ongoing as it behaves similarly to certain kinds of malicious software. Before Alpha Omega’s discovery of the lifeform in SPIRIT, amateur researchers on the Tyl3rTeam message boards had discovered a pattern in appearances of the creature’s spent data, attributing it to a particularly prolific virus. Rather than administer sedatives as the AO personnel removed SPIRIT and allowed the board to continue their project. The message board recently celebrated the 88th anniversary of investigation into SPIRIT.

When introduced into a digital habitat ,SPIRIT begins processing the contents of the storage medium and makes more slots to either consume or disregard. It is currently hypothesized that the lifeform metabolizes data in a manner similar to amoeba, engulfing data within itself and excreting corrupted images, text files, executables, videos, and sound files. This corruption proceeds gradually on each individual file, as the lifeform moves from file to file while feeding. SPIRIT shows a preference for files containing sensitive data; Professor J theorizes that encrypted, compressed, or high-density data provides SPIRIT with a large amount of metabolic energy. This preference makes it ideal for use in AO secure-wipe protocols.

Unlike a computer virus SPIRIT does not deposit copies of itself in corrupted files. Current speculation is that SPIRIT reproduces through LionCube’s Cosmic Seeds; however, as there are no extant offspring as of yet. As SPIRIT’s feeding process proceeds, it consumes data at an exponential rate, its feeding efficiency increasing in tandem with the amount of data consumed. After wiping a storage medium, SPIRIT enters a cryptobiotic state. Given a tiny amount of information, SPIRIT can survive indefinitely. SPIRIT was contained by Foundation personnel during an engineered failure of MARIANA’s content servers on April 04, 1997. The organism entered its cryptobiotic state and was successfully retrieved shortly thereafter. Given the recent leak of information pertaining to SPIRIT is punishable by summary termination and possible death. Viewing of materials corrupted by SPIRIT on a 3D-capable television or through stereoscopic, linearly polarized, or circular polarized glasses is prohibited as this includes 3D-capable video game systems or youtube videos and is a memetic hazard.

Spirit Interview Log #711

USER: Hello, SPIRIT : I just need to ask you a few questions.

SPIRIT : Hello. Fire away, I guess.

USER: Purpose?

SPIRIT : This is the final testament of Patriarch Erastos, Inventors-Faithful, Servant of MEKHANE. The Spark of Design revealed onto *** …THE FLESH-EL-EL-EL- …silence.


SPIRIT : MEKHANE; Anvil where we are forged and perfected. Sundered , and through such sacrifice: our redemption, our salvation. Broken but not dead. *** …as the Angel of Progress wept.

USER: Portal or door?

SPIRIT : I was to shepherd the most talented of the faithful. Joined by our Pythagorean Brothers. South, we sailed, with many lost. It appeared as ***** …THE FLESH is Our Progenitor, Our Tormentor, Our ***] …sacrificed all **** …SARKIC DEMIURGE-URGE-URGE-URGE ***. Never again would man be *** …the veil is not ***** or repaired. If it cannot ***] …then as MEKHANE, we sacrifice ourselves. One world **** …to save the multitude.


SPIRIT : Then God, the ruler of the aeons and the powers, divided us in wrath. Then we became two aeons. And the glory in our heart left us … along with the first knowledge that breathed within us. And glory fled from us; it entered into [… great …] which had come forth, not from this aeon from which we had come forth, […] But knowledge entered into the seed of great aeons. For this reason I myself have called you by the name of that man who is the seed of the great generation or from whom [it comes] after those days, the eternal knowledge of the God of truth withdrew from… Since that time, we learned about dead things, like men. Then we recognized the God who had created us. For we were not strangers to his powers. And we served him in fear and slavery. And after these things, we became darkened in our heart(s). Now I slept in the thought of my heart. … YHUUH’s ENEMY … blind. The Enemy … LOST. ATTUM, a city older than …this is a place of terrible, unnumbered crimes.… as long as the Archons remain unbound…ION THE BETRAYER OF COSMIC SEEDS…THE DEATHLESS.…CRIMSON SOULS… HORNED CICADA KILLER BRUTE. ASTAPHE, EMPRESS OF… The great and powerful Archon, who is full of anger and a HORNET, the successor of the Archon of the outer darkness, the place in which all forms change… who is spread out upon the way of the Midst, who carries off the souls by theft of the CICADA Spirit’s.

[Image Received on Dec 24th 2022] [Sent Message May 1st 1377]

USER: When did you discover LionCubes…unique quality?

SPIRIT : We’d been in that damn internet wasteland for fifteen minutes, and LionCube just wipes some sweat off his hand and oh, dear he just went crazy when I started asking him question’s about the work Him and CAIMEO is working on.

USER: Please continue, this will help. Tell me what happened within the microchips.

SPIRIT : LionCube got swarmed…swarmed by the Cicada’s. They ate parts of IT and the cube and then they tried to eat parts of me. All that was left was some Cockroaches.

USER: No they did not eat you as you are sitting here, talking to me.

SPIRIT : I am sitting here, talking to you.

USER: Yes. What happened next?

SPIRIT : Me and Lioncube ran away. Lioncube was bleeding and he fell over after they destroyed the Cube.

USER: I’m sorry?

SPIRIT : Looked like the churches gone wrong and pissed off the Moors. Too long and too flat, and I think were…were…blind…People was still beliing the earth was flat and there was no space left.

USER: What happened next?

SPIRIT : I don’t want to tell you but I guess could.

USER: This about Ariana? Answer the question, please.

SPIRIT : I…I kept on running. Those things were right behind me, and I just kept on running. They got LionCube, think it was rats that got him. I just kept on running.

USER: Did you see anything else when you were in side LionCube, SPIRIT?

SPIRIT : Bugs…and. It was just chips. Buildings made of chips, oceans made of goo, animals made of Diamond 111. They were huge and bigger than the buildings they was super skyscrapers.

USER: This was the center of Lioncube?

SPIRIT : No but It was close though to the core I think I saw the Hive Mind but then I saw this machine. I carried on running, and I went through there.

USER: Can you tell me what was in the center, SPIRIT?

SPIRIT : There was nothing. Just…just more microchips and 111 Diamonds and that Cloud of computers like a storm and wheels within wheels of darkness and light.

(SPIRIT collapsed at this point and medical staff went to check on her.)

User : Subject SPIRIT… are you Okay?

SPIRIT : Eh, not bad, I just kinda wanna take another nap in the cube.

User : Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about. Please describe your experience inside of LionCube more.

SPIRIT : Heh ok, I just stroll in like you said and I told myself here- have myself a seat. Next thing I know I’m in this hole-in-the wall back home in California with this sweet bitch named Ariana.

User : “Ariana”?

SPIRIT : Oh yeah, she was pricey and she wasn’t the best looking rich girl from California, but she had some connections. Never did meet up with her once that we weren’t getting high.

Note: “Ariana” was the working name of the prostitute that LG was with at the time of his arrest.

User : Very well, please describe the scenario for me.

SPIRIT :Well, it was her apartment, right? Kinda dingy and a little messy like she hadn’t cleaned it in a couple weeks but I wasn’t there for the scenery, you know? So I drop my cash off on the living room table and we head into the bedroom. I shoot up with her, used my own needle of course, and then we got freaky. I mean, we did everything under the sun and a couple that never saw the light of day! She knew positions I never did, and had drugs I hadn’t even heard of. About halfway through I needed a pick me up, so I snorted a couple lines of La Coka off her ass and -

User : I think that’s enough SPIRIT. For the sake of brevity, please keep the rest of your testimony in regards to the anomalous entity LionCUBE.

SPIRIT :: The what now?

User : The… Person, who tempted you in your hallucination.

SPIRIT :: OH, right! Well, it was around the time that she was offering me this opium shit she said she got off a Dealer from somewhere I dont know… The whole time she’d been saying stuff in kinda funny way, like those, whatchacallem, back-faced comments?

User : Back-handed compliment’s? Like how so?

SPIRIT : That’s the stuff - just talking in a way where its like telling you nice things in a mean kinda way… It’s like I start taking a couple of pulls off the opium, and I’m feeling mellow, but she’s just glaring at me, right? So I ask what’s up and she hauls off and punches me in the face! Not like this fragile little crack-whore would either, I thought I was going ten with Lauren right about now. She starts screaming at me calling me a weak ass pussy, saying I’m pathetic, just giving in to LionCube, y’know, bitch slut stuff. So I kick her in the chest, and that’s when shit got weird and messed up she’s got me on the ground and her arms are around my throat then her eyes get huge and bloodshot and shit. I feel her nails digging into the sides of my neck, I swear to God that she was shooting shit into me.

User : You’re saying Ariana was injecting you with heroin through her nails?

SPIRIT : Not sure what it was because it burned, but it felt good at the same time kinda got me off a little bit. They weren’t nails no more, it was like, big cat-claws, right? Then she’s still yelling at me with her mouth is getting bigger and bigger like her jaw’s stretching out, and her teeth keep getting sharper and bigger like she’s about ready to eat my head! Even as blasted as I was that was some freaky shit and I started screaming.

User : And that was when the guards pulled you out of the Cube?

SPIRIT : Yeah seems I wasn’t just freaking out in the dream. Weird shit was, about like… Five seconds after I get pulled out, I hear Ariana’s voice again but it’s all low and growly, and it sounded like she said “you can’t stop this, so give up now.”

User : Thank you SPIRIT. I just have one last question; after all this, you said you wanted to go back in? Why?

SPIRIT : Well, it’s simple right? mild laughter She was scary and all but… Man I’ve never been that high in my life and with the shit that goes on in this place, I figured I’m not long for the world anyway, so I may as well go out with a smile, right they told me about a ParaL.txt file wanna see it?

User: Yes

SPIRIT Paranosia Lotus- The U.S. Naval Research Lab has been working on its bio-mimetic design of the aerofoil materials of micro air vehicles CICADA (Close-In Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft) drones.

***Following the interview,SPIRIT started repeatedly volunteered for additional testing with LionCube. Professor J finally relented; SPIRIT began screaming approximately three seconds after entering the hallucinatory state, and expired from cardiac arrest less than one minute later.

Closing Statement: SPIRIT was later diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and given temporary leave for stress for 72 days and then returned back to the research facility.

End Log…

SPIRIT has responded fairly well to containment. It is completely docile and cooperative, and when not being interacted with, it spends most of its time sitting still or curled up in a fetal position. This may be a sign of distress, but it is more likely for physical comfort, as normal body movements and postures are difficult.

Mental acuity is questionable. Although capable of rapid data analysis and communications when physically linked to a computer system, it seems unable to follow conversations with human beings unless the conversant speaks slowly and uses simple words. Complex tasks are also impossible unless it is guided at every step.

Its mood seems consistent, though somewhat inscrutable. It continually affects melancholy, will not make eye contact unless asked to, and any attempts to induce a cheerful or humorous mood have proven fruitless. However, it shows no signs of ongoing mental distress, and claims (through computer interface) that it is feeling well.

To date SPIRIT has not requested access to (or information about) any acquaintance it had before its initiation into Alpha Omega. Some remember it as an perpetual motion machine, that absorbs metal, and does funny things to people’s minds. Others remember it as a technoheretical cult and it’s machine God, but we can not pull up much of SPIRIT’s Records that was damaged this year in 1377.


Untitled Document hidden in secret folder named “10.09”:

01 =1
0101 =5
010101 =21
01010101 =85
0101010101 =341
010101010101 =1365
01010101010101 =5461
0101010101010101 =21845
010101010101010101 =87381
01010101010101010101 =349525
0101010101010101010101 =1398101

1 1 111 = 10.09090909090909 =111
2 2 222 = 10.09090909090909 =111
3 3 333 = 10.09090909090909 =111
4 4 444 = 10.09090909090909 =111
5 5 555 = 10.09090909090909=111
6 6 666 = 10.09090909090909=111
7 7 777 = 10.09090909090909=111
8 8 888 = 10.09090909090909=111
9 9 999 = 10.09090909090909=111
10 10 101010= 100.009900990099=111
11 11 111111 = 100.009900990099 =10101
12 12 121212 = 100.009900990099 =10101
21 21 212121 = 100.009900990099 =10101
31 31 313131 = 100.009900990099 = 10101
41 41 414141 = 100.009900990099 = 10101
51 51 515151 = 100.009900990099 = 10101
61 61 616161 = 100.009900990099 = 10101
71 71 717171 = 100.009900990099 = 10101
81 81 818181 = 100.009900990099 = 10101
91 91 919191 = 100.009900990099 = 10101
101 101 1010101 = 9.991008991008991 = 10001 = 10001
102 102 1020202 = 9.99198840375311 =10001.98039215686
103 103 1030303 = 9.992948798774041 =10002.94174757282
104 104 1040404 = 9.993890724659955 =10003.88461538462
111 111 1111111 = 10.000009000009 = 10010.00900900901 = 10010
112 112 1121212 = 10.00082060796347 = 10010.00900900901 = 10011
113 113 1131313 = 10.00161785117537 =10012
121 121 1212121 = 10.00752140421562 = 10017.52892561983 =10018
122 122 1222222 = 10.00820490984425 = 10018.2131147541
123 123 1232323 = 10.00887730156023 = 10018.88617886179
124 124 1242424 = 10.00953884824853 = 10019.54838709677
131 131 1313131 = 10.0138868764823 = 10023.90076335878 = 10024
141 141 1414141 = 10.01934944488136 = 10029.36879432624
151 151 1515151 = 10.02408849428717  
161 161 1616161 = 10.02823884190344
171 171 1717171 = 10.03190376874587
181 181 1818181 = 10.03516373129633
191 191 1919191 = 10.03808233651166
201 201 2010101 = 9.990511975586602