Some memetic warfare from pastebin

Social media is absolutely not exploitable in any way at all :^) lol
Memetic Warfare albums gallerie.

Advanced Meme Warfare:
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Social media tactics:

Connecting Social Media and Pushing Content 101:


Godwins Law (Revival of memetics in Usenet)

Book collection on radical bottom up activism

Links says it all (There is more out, it makes sense looking for the earlier versions, will post if i find them)

Nice easy readable introduction to cyber warfare

Finkelsteins Meme Compendium!7pcRjLrY!K2dCLXsawbnk71B8-NYXag

/pol/ Book collection!B4dB2SzQ!h_pMC30v2a_y31iD0dy0sg

Step by step how to manipulate narratives