Rules for #thegame23 in 2k19

Version: BCPG C# v1.6.1.0

Rules for 2k19
This set of rules was created in order to better guide new users into the usage of The Game 23 virtual environment. It is not needed to follow thoroughly what is here written. Notice that this sheet is more of a recommendation guide rather than a set of rules themselves, since we aren’t a nation and do not need a constitution.

  1. Free speech is encouraged. We live in times of oppressive and limiting algorithms that slowly take over our individual/collective liberties in name of an era of veiled digital censorship, where the smallest words can lead any profile to be blocked (e.g.: the zuckerbergian regime). The Game 23 website is a safe space for peoples of any ethnicities, creeds and expressions. Pretty much anything can be said and written around here, even what could be considered and filtered as spam by another social networks that work with an intricate system of algorithms and blockages.
    -Please notice that even though we are encouraging of free speech, we DO NOT condone any kind of hate speech towards specific groups (such as ethnicities, sexual orientations and sex/gender). It is not our purpose to erase or invalidate certain groups and/or peoples, our causes are much greater than childish hatred against others.
    -Ironic/edgy memes are accepted. There is a difference between ironically saying, for example, “remove kebab” and advocationg for the removal of turks/muslims. Posting this kind of stuff ironically is also something that could work as a way of protesting against what is currently happening on the internet, especially at social networks such as Facebook, where even the most innocent jokes can lead to post blocks and account deletions. Authentic hate speech can be identified from miles away, since as in essence it is very different from an edgy/ironic/dark maymay.
  2. The website itself doesn’t adopt any ideological flags, even though it could be considered pretty anarchist in essence. The Game 23 is a point of reunion of all kinds of people with a common ideal, so it is a characteristic of this virtual space to be highly heterogeneous and full of expressions of all types, all in the name of a single purpose that will be understood by new players through enough interaction with our platform and other online spaces.
  3. Unicode/ASCII spamming is welcome and highly encouraged. What other social networks do not tolerate is accepted by us on our online platform. We do not welcome any kind of virus links and camwhoring around here, for the comfort of all users. Please leave the obvious viruses of russian jobs to innocent old people on the internet and the camwhoring to /soc/, for example.
  4. All kinds of art are welcome and encouraged around here. From the most intricate works to the simplest ones.
  5. You do not need to enter the game understanding what it means or what to do. This guide encourages learning through interaction as we do not require any kind of intelectualism and/or philosophical background to be part of our shenanigans, even though reading on all kinds of subjects could surely be useful in certain situations.
  6. You are not obligated to reveal your identity or put a face to your name. In fact, you are encouraged to remain anonymous or use a collective identity such as Lucretia Dalencourt, Timóteo Pinto, Sarah Gulik, Tae Ateh or many others you can choose (or even create!).
  7. If any questions pop up, you are more than encouraged to ask. Do not be afraid of anything you don’t understand, as the participants of the website are not seven-headed creatures (there isn’t a consensus around this one affirmation, though -but we can assure even the potential creature-like players are chill and open to questions).

by Lucretia Danlencour aka LuLu


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