New Plugins added to the website!

Hello everyone, if you peer to the bottom left of the screen, you will see this wonderful icon:
Now if you click on it, you will get something along the lines of this:
Now these are new channels created associated with the websites caegories, they may look different to you than what you see here, thats because the chat plugin ‘babble’ was just installed and recently configured with the most basic of rooms.

You will also find you can chat with anyone that is currently logged in on the website… please follow the rules and decorum of the forum. We want to keep the chat channels clean as the topics themselves, no need to make enemies here, and if you’re caught cyberstalking people on this forum, you will be banned effective immediately.

Other plugins that were installed:
If you have a suggestion for a plugin to be installed, then create a topic.

Kind Regards
Rodrigo Soto

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