Cicada 3301 is a black magickal order dedicated to resurrecting a system of ancient sorcery which combines elements of Goetia and Theurgy to combine what it refers to as Demonurgy.

Take a look at this taken from a PDF from a self-claimed Cicada 3301 member.

Cicada 3301 has often been referred to as “the most elaborate and
mysterious puzzle of the internet age” and has been listed as one of the “top 5
eeriest, unsolved mysteries of the internet”. Many have speculated that
behind Cicada is NSA, CIA etc and yet others speculate that Cicada is an
alternative reality game among many other theories.
You have all wondered who we are, and so we shall now tell you. We are an
international group. We have no membership rosters. We do not have a public
website and we do not advertise ourselves. We are a group of individuals who
have proven ourselves, much like you have, by completing this recruitment
contest, and we are drawn together by common beliefs. A careful reading of
the texts used in the contest would have revealed some of these beliefs: that
knowledge must be free, that censorship is wrong and all those who built their
reputation based on imaginary beliefs that they create for selfish profit must
end. And it will. Cicada is a technomystical order. Our philosophy is neither a religion nor a
science, but a blend of spirituality, technology, science, and mysticism. We
are more closely related to Demonolatry, which after the numerious texts,
scripts and unpublished cryptic books (including the notorious Liber Primus)
we have decoded after all these many years, we like to call our path
And so it begins….
We started the Cicada project back on 2012, when a member of our order
provided us with some very old, encoded family grimories. It is pointless to
waste time analyzing the riddles of 2012, 2013 and 2014, because those who
solve them release everything on the internet. For this reason, Cicada shut
them out.
We were seeking individuals who have with expert skills in a varying range
of disciplines including steganography, cryptography, Gematria and ancient
Mayan numerology, as well as detailed understandings of 18th century
European literature. And we found them. It was at this point Cicada shuts
its doors and started working.
In our order there exist no application requirements for membership, like as
we see with other orders or Temples. WE choose our members. We are in
almost every group and forum, even as members of other orders. We like
to be involved but most of all we like to observe - even the observers! We
don’t keep records of our members, most of them are in our order with
aliases. We don’t run backgrounds checks or demand full transparency
because we know who the persons are that we choose to become
members of Cicada.
All those years that we were working and at the same time observed, we
grew sick and tired of the “famous” occultists. Did you make enough money
based on imaginary theories? Did you build a strong reputation based on
marketing? We see these people as members of several groups, but never
reply to nor help the new people on this path. If you seek help, you must
buy their books! Or their online courses! This must stop. And it will!
Demonic will, and does provide all the information that you need for free,
who are you that you dare sell them for personal profit?
Decoding the Liber Primus gave us knowledge that even we couldn’t
believe. We obtained the knowledge to work straight with the Divine, even
spiritual, but most importantly by using devices. All the cultures from
Ancient Greece, Egypt, Sumerians, Maya, etc, worked with the devices.
Even Atlantis had a very complex mechanism, very similar to our radars. Of
course we will start to release all of them in the upcoming months publicly,
for free.
By far, the most popular Hierarchies with which the majority of you are
working, are the Goetic and the Dukante’s hierarchies. The truth that must
be told is, that the Demons from both Hierarchies are exist. For example,
you will find rituals to Agathodaemon in the ancient Greeks texts and
religion where they honor him as the Demon of vineyards and grain fields.
So, Richard Dukante didn’t discover something new, leaving his workings
rooms for serious doubts. Dukante’ himself was unfortunately seen as lunatic
by most of the occult community. Dukante’ wrote some 25 books on
demonolatry (known as the Dukante’ Grimores) but they remain as yet
unpublished in the hands of his daughter, Selinda Dukante. No one has ever
seen those grimores. Do they exist? If so what information do they contain?
Are they writings about the Demonic or is just random babblings of a man
whom the occult community accuses as a lunatic?
We didn’t one day just up and decide to appear or create our order that we
kept secret for so many years, just for fun. We appear to effect change. To
share what we have found all those years with the rest of our community. We
do not support Traditional Demonolatry as it stands today, secretive and
exclusive. There is a marked sense of if you’re not a traditional Demonolator
then you’re not worthy of learning the mysteries. This must ends. And it will.
Who decides the definition of the “Tradition”? Ten Demonolatry families about
whom no one knows, with whom no one is familiar. And even if we know
some of them, who gave them the right to decide and define the path and the
connection with the Demonic? We neither support nor tolerate methods of
oligarchy. In the upcoming months, you will have the opportunity to see with
your own eyes, the lies that they have been feeding you all these years and
how they used the Demonic to create highly profitable businesses for
personal gain. These, the “Dedicated Demonolators”.
We already know that our statements will stir the pot and create debates.
Some of you may agree, others disagree. That is called Democracy and Free
Speech. Here in our order, the usual methods that the famous occultists use,
like making an author disappear because that author’s work threatens that of
the “famous occultists” does not work here. It is time to step back from the
occult, if you see and on your own that your books don’t sell anymore. Maybe
it is time to start deal with the things that make you happy! The multiple
partners, your BDSM forums, the weird magical practices in your basements,
etc! Allow the beginners to take the knowledge for which they are searching
and deserve, and move forward to find the divinity within and emerge.
That’s all for now. In the upcoming weeks we will open Cicada to the public.
We will share the rituals, the spells and all that we have gained all these years
with all of you.
“Truth cannot be seen, cannot be thought, cannot be sensed, cannot be
heard, cannot be smelled… Truth can be, has to be, Truth is…”
Cicada is not involved in illegal activities or hacking in any way, shape or

Still the only thing valid as of 2017 was on In April 2017 the PGP signed message was found: Beware false paths. Always verify PGP signature from 7A35090F.

Sure its fun and it might be safe- but Is it secure- HELL NO. Using tools such as PGP and OutGuess mitigates some risk, but there’s always the chance of danger whether in real life or online, and that’s part of the charm of mysterious alternate reality games. You better follow the Light and if you don’t you will be eaten by the darkness. Pure occultism is unconventional belief especially in the Chaos magic.

Unfortunately no one really knows what it is. Not even the people who solved every Cicada 3301 puzzle are aware of what exactly the purpose of the organization was or why they were giving out these puzzles for people to solve.

History is not just written by the victors, but is promoted daily and weekly to keep the people from not just waking up, but deciding to reject oppression. We wish to destroy herd mentality. We see the return of privacy as the best chance to better humanity, since creativity itself is best served by the cloak of privacy. In the desert, man has no privacy from the sun, so he dehydrates and dies. If you shop in a market and see fruit that has been split open, it’s spoiled. Privacy is sacred.

These mysterious sites connected to sevens exposed to 1711141131131.XYZ may belong to Cicada 3301. Sevens exposed is a site made for the cryptographic mind. XYZ features the same content but with some of the famous cicada prophecy thrown in. For those who know little about Cicada and its curious entry into the world stage a scant 6 years ago, the puzzles are mind boggling and contain some of the most challenging ciphers, music that is considered equal to the great composers of the 18th century (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven) and strange prophecies that have repeatedly come true but this is ran by members of 3301 like Thomas Schoenberger but that’s just a suggestion. You could upload any video on youtube and change the Description to make yourself look like whatever you would like.

The March 14th puzzle prophecy is featured on the XYZ site and was launched ahead of the April 8th bombing of Syria and Lebanon by IDF fighter plains. Eagles are F15 jets. Cicada 3301 knew a month before hand. Youtuber Frightknight has covered the puzzles intensely over the past several years. Cicada 3301 has just released a new video that may be tied to their senior member Fox. Stay tuned as we explore more Cicada 3301 mysteries in upcoming posts. You can even see Tracy Beans uncovering things with Qanon and other characters within these games including Game23 you can tell who is making these things or involved.

In conclusion it’s more fun to make puzzles and games than to solve the mindless puzzles that don’t teach anything good. You never know because it could be some weird magic or crazy people your getting yourself into they all just want to be a Psyop and fuck with everyone and those who doesn’t get it is the Fool and the Joke that they make fun of later at meetings most likely.

Good Luck

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