Is there an afterlife?
Everything lies in quantum physics – specifically the theory of biocentrism. The evidence is the idea that the concept of death is a mere figment of our consciousness.the universe only exists because of an individual’s consciousness of it – essentially life and biology are central to reality, which in turn creates the universe; the universe itself does not create life. The same applies to the concepts of space and time as they are simply tools of the mind. The concept of death as we know it is “cannot exist in any real sense” as there are no true boundaries by which to define it.

Is there other realms of existence?
There are twelve density layers of consciousness in existence. The third one is the physical world, the fourth is the spirit world, and the fifth is the realm of soul consciousness. The higher numbers are more subtle, more expansive in their scale than the lower numbers. Each lower density layer is more compressed than the one above it and it is formed within the one above it.Some people call these realms dimensions, which can cause confusion, as a dimension is actually something else. When referring to the twelve density layers, or realms, the technically accurate term is
density. A dimension is not a location or a higher realm. A dimension is a measurable component of reality, such as length, width, height or time.A density is a layer of compressed consciousness. It is a location within Creation. Instead of saying that you live in third density (the physical realm), you can abbreviate it to ‘3D,’ provided you remember that, in this case, ‘3D’ is short for third density, and not for three-dimensional. The ultimate state of Infinite Being lies beyond twelfth density, as all densities are creations within its consciousness. The twelve density layers exist within the consciousness of Infinite Being. The densities of immediate application to humanity are third, fourth and fifth densities.

Do we have soul?
Yes, all living things do User. Traditionally, scientists speak of the soul in a materialistic context, treating it as a poetic synonym for the mind. Everything knowable about the “soul” can be learned by studying the functioning of the human brain. In their view, neuroscience is the only branch of scientific study relevant to one’s understanding of the soul. The soul is dismissed as an object of human belief, or reduced to a psychological concept that shapes our cognition and understanding of the observable natural world. The terms “life” and “death” are thus nothing more than the common concepts of “biological life” and “biological death.”Of course, in most spiritual and religious traditions, a soul is viewed as emphatically more definitive than the scientific concept. It is considered the incorporeal essence of a person or living thing, and is said to be immortal and transcendent of material existence. The current scientific paradigm doesn’t recognize this spiritual dimension of life. The animating principle in humans and other animals are the laws of physics. As I sit here in my office, surrounded by piles of scientific books and journal articles, I cannot find any reference to the soul or spirit, or any notion of an immaterial, eternal essence that occupies our being. Indeed, a soul has never been seen under an electron microscope, nor spun in the laboratory in a test tube or ultra-centrifuge. According to these books, nothing appears to survive the human body after death. While neuroscience has made tremendous progress illuminating the functioning of the brain, why we have a subjective experience remains mysterious. The problem of the soul lies exactly here, in understanding the nature of the self, the “I” in existence that feels and lives life. But this isn’t just a problem for biology and cognitive science, but for the whole of Western natural philosophy itself.

What is the Quantum Zeno effect?
The quantum Zeno effect (also known as the Turing paradox) is a feature of quantum mechanical systems allowing a particle’s time evolution to be arrested by measuring it frequently enough with respect to some chosen measurement setting.

Are you an NPC?
Maybe all of “us” are NPC’s, randomly generated organic self conscious beings with a small capabilities to retain memories to form a “personality” but at the end we’re just another piece of the hive mind with very minuscule differences to create a sense originality. Maybe the real players aren’t even interested in interacting with us that much, probably they just observe and interact with those who show interesting traits and differ from the rest.

Did you find god?
I think I found evidence of God.Everything is connected on a subatomic level, by Quantum Foam/Space Time
Everything since the Big Bang is just patterns in the ripples continuing.Your thoughts, your lives and everything have been going according to fate. When you die you become infinite with the universe and god’s embrace. How’s it feel?

What is the Despair code?
Despair code is a theory some guy was blabbering about on some forum. He specified that the “code” refers to a set of numbers used by the military to gas their enemies with chemicals killing any sense of purpose. He stated that reports showcased this gas having a nickname of “Nietzsche Air” because during the experimentation phase of the gas use one of the volunteer described the state of being “pure nihilistic”. Other reports showcased that people who were exposed to the gas were in a heavy depressed state in a matter of seconds, some barely spoke, some sobbed, some even tried to gnaw their wrist. The gas was allegedly used in the Gulf War, the operation titled “Horizon Blue” or something like that, cant really remember. Allegedly the army convo would release the gas, wait about 10 minutes, enter the camp and start “massacring” their enemies. Some soldiers reported that the feeling was “otherwordly”. The “targets” were either sitting, sobbing, some didn’t even take notice of the incoming USA soldiers, some even asked to be shot. Apparently the higher command though this method was to unmoral and later experimentations were conducted elsewhere.

What is Avant Garde?
Avant-garde is originally a French term, meaning in English vanguard or advance guard (the part of an army that goes forward ahead of the rest). It first appeared with reference to art in France in the first half of the nineteenth century, and is usually credited to the influential thinker Henri de Saint-Simon, one of the forerunners of socialism. He believed in the social power of the arts and saw artists, alongside scientists and industrialists, as the leaders of a new society.
What are Fibonacci Retracements?
Fibonacci Retracements are ratios used to identify potential reversal levels. These ratios are found in the Fibonacci sequence. The most popular Fibonacci Retracements are 61.8% and 38.2%. Note that 38.2% is often rounded to 38% and 61.8 is rounded to 62%.

PORT 3301
– Information Port Number: 3301 TCP / UDP: TCPDelivery: Yes Protocol / Name: bmcpatrolrnvu Port Description: BMC Patrol RendezvousVirus / Trojan: No

What is ASI?
ASI has an intellect that is much smarter than the best human brains in practically every field, including scientific creativity, general wisdom and social skills. This is a hypothetical agent that possesses intelligence far surpassing that of the brightest and most gifted human minds. “Superintelligence” may also refer to a property of problem-solving systems (e.g., superintelligent language translators or engineering assistants) whether or not these high-level intellectual competencies are embodied in agents that act in the world. A superintelligence may or may not be created by an intelligence explosion and associated with a technological singularity.

What is a shadow person?
A shadow person (also known as a shadow figure, shadow being or black mass) is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure, particularly as interpreted by believers in the paranormal or supernatural as the presence of a spirit or other entity. Some call them Tall Indians and have been seen around woods late at night.

Who was the First Woman Video Game Programmer?
Dona Bailey co-created the arcade video game Centipede in 1981. Dona Bailey is an American game programmer and educator who, along with Ed Logg in 1981, created the arcade video game Centipede As a young programmer Bailey was hired by General Motors and trained in assembly language programming. She worked there for two years on displays, and microprocessor-based cruise control systems. She became interested in Space Invaders and the world of arcade games, another application of the work she was doing at GM. She found out that Atari was using the same microprocessor in its games.In 1980, Bailey joined Atari’s coin-op division, where she was the only woman. In an interview Bailey recalled that Atari had a notebook of possible game ideas at the time. Of the 30 or so entries the only one without “lasering or frying things” was a short description of a bug winding down the screen. “It didn’t seem bad to shoot a bug”.Bailey left Atari in 1982 and went to work at Videa (later renamed Sente Technologies), founded by three former Atari employees. In 2007, she was the keynote speaker at the Women in Games International Conference. Bailey holds M.Ed. and M.A. degrees and taught as a faculty member in the department of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock until her retirement.

What is a hypersigil?
A hypersigil is a term used to describe a feedback loop between an external or extended persona and a primary self. Klintron Finley wrote about Grant Morrison’s “hypersigil” concept as as a cybernetic phenomena.“The ‘hypersigil’ or ‘supersigil’ develops the sigil concept beyond the static image and incorporates elements such as characterization, drama, and plot. The hypersigil is a sigil extended through the fourth dimension. My own comic book series The Invisibles was a six-year long sigil in the form of an occult adventure story which consumed and recreated my life during the period of its composition and execution. The hypersigil is an immensely powerful and sometimes dangerous method for actually altering reality in accordance with intent. Results can be remarkable and shocking” For example, one can create a narrative in a personal blog or Live Journal or their Twitter or Facebook updates. After suggesting a connection between hypersigils and cybernetics, Nabil replied: The number of ways that hypersigilism applies to the internet/cybernetics is kind of staggering when you think on it. Think about something as basic as a myspace/facebook profile, the choices we make defining the online persona which creates a manifest change in the offline world. The things we choose to place on the internet reflect and magnify the awareness of self to ourselves and those around us. The online persona, fictional self, or avatar one creates can create feedback loops to reinforce behaviors and perceptions and have a create significant “real world” changes in a person’s life over time. In the case of Grant Morrison, he was also shaping his persona in the letters column of The Invisibles, in interviews he gave, and his public persona at comic conventions. Hypersigil are particularly prevalent among celebrities, who are forced to create a public persona that the audience inevitable reads back into the actual celebrity.

Was SVV a hypersigil?
This was a magical operation that took place across the world, with many people feeding their energy into a particular set of ideas and symbols, took place both on the internet and in the ‘real’ world, as this was a world wide directed energy raising exercise. It was also a recruitment device. The puzzles filtered off differently talented people. The technos who were sent off to get info to dox people, and manipulate the crypto currency market. The artists and musicians to infiltrate the entertainment industry. The occultists to explore the astral realms and make contact with enochian entities. The occultists would make sigils that the techno people would put into significant places on the internet. The musicians and artists would encoded the sigils into music or art. The purpose of this hypersigil was to create conditions favorable to a world changing conscious shift. This shift was toward the ‘death of God’. to be replaced by a antitheistic creation based on the concepts of The Adversary, Mankind as God, and a programmed AI deity. This encompasses ideas from Crowley, (every man and woman is a star), atheistic Satanism (a rebellion against God and authority), and chaos magic (creating our own gods to serve our own purposes).

Are you Cicada?
Cicada 3301 Prime, circadian
rhythm, thirteen days to seventeen nights, mechanical synapse, misfire, neutrinos
collapse into stars, in the afternoon you too will die and rise
to glorious ascendancy among the bees, the sheep
sleep amid the lotus blossoms
dreaming Aries Ovid dreams, the shepherd
with his knife in a sheath, never sleeps, he has machines
to sleep for him, his dogs go mad on the morning
of the Winter Solstice when the nightjar whispers
to the swallow songs from the poles, the traffic light
will never say GO! they know you are watching them, the act
of observation changes the thing being observed
until it doesn’t quirks and quarks
in the fabric of the universe, the words
you are reading are binary codes, yes, no,
one and zero the symbol of the thing
that is not, that thing
Derrida agrees but -
a dog’s day
the earth is full of worms
the soil warms in the tilting
of the earth’s raw orbit, altered
by fractional fictions
Cicale recalls his course
in languages
tympana, tymbals
tacua ocelli tsuku tsuku boshi
one hundred twenty decibels
twenty nine degrees
as loud as many.