Cyberwarfare messenger online and ready

You can now create an account on for real time messenging on a safe and secure servers.
I updated and I fix action omega but I loose your account by mistake.can you create an other one please to try This new platform.
Don’t use autologgin button at the moment.
Use email.
No email confirmation.
Use totally fake email.
Create a new account each time if you want.
You know now where to reach me in priority.

You reported my bro for fake name on facebook you utter wanker, no one will come to you stupid little site now they will know what a little cunt you are, why dont you KILL YOURSELF ?

I did nothing.
This is a lie.
Go fuck yourself I got already people coming on it.
You are just bad people that it.

And who is that???¿???¿

Eye am the Major G OA T. The sun G orphan Carpenter King of Kings 6666. That’s who eye AM

I don’t know who he is.
I close my 2 Facebook account because of virus create by unknown fucker spreading them under my real identity.
You know where to find me now major

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