Anonymous idea and the reality behind the mask

Anonymous is a collective of all sorts of people from all walks of life. They do everything from protecting the innocent to helping the homeless in the winter. There have been many operations start up all over the world and to have people call it a hacker group or even an activist group it denies the other operations because they are not in the spotlight. So to me Anonymous is a idea of collaboration among the people as well as anti political and anti corruption. Anonymous started out as trolls yes but they grew to be so much more starting secs that became family like people coming together for common goals and ideas. Also I want to add that you don’t have to have a mask or fancy code name to be an anonymous activist even in your own community giving to others and being a beacon of hope to other people that is a true Anon.


We are anomalous. We are a region. Forgive and forget. Expecto patronum.